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Frequently Asked Questions


1. What are poly hangers used for?
Poly hangers are used to support poly sheeting from ceilings, walls, or other objects.

2. Why should I use poly hangers instead of tape?
Poly hangers are a more professional, more secure way of holding poly sheeting in place. Tape can fail, peel off, etc., but poly hangers will keep your poly securely in place.

3. What are some applications of poly hangers?
Containment areas for abatement, Dust protection barriers, Enclosures in construction areas, Diversion of leaks, Drying chambers

4. What are some benefits of using poly hangers?
Using poly hangers saves labor, eliminates risk of damage caused by glue and tape, prevents poly from falling down, looks professional rather than amateur, installs much more quickly, and they're reusable (as long as the teeth aren't worn out!)